Our Story

WildGins Co is a story about adventure, the love of nature, the quest for a uniquely American spirit, and shining a light on the unique (and little known) terroir of West Texas. When the Cummings siblings set out to produce a uniquely American gin, it was the adventure-loving Biology Professor among them (Molly) that began a quest to find the little known ‘Alligator’ juniper. She found it in the Davis Mountains in West Texas where she also discovered another remarkable native Texan (the Red Berry Juniper) with a completely different flavor profile.

With these unusual juniper discoveries, the concept of a WildGins company was formed.

WildGins Co is devoted to highlighting unusual, wild foraged species of junipers in exceptionally crafted gins. While 98% of the world’s gins feature only the traditional common juniper, we are excited to offer you gins that complement the common with the uncommon.

We delight in the discovery of nature’s gifts and the adventure of our mountain foraging escapades. We love our trees so much that we put their names on our bottles. So if you find a favorite tree, keep looking for her name on bottles in years to come!

We are proudly headquartered in Austin, TX; and thrilled to have some of our labels designed by one of Austin’s favorite musicians (Bob Schneider). We thrive in a city that embraces the arts, diversity, science and ingenuity. Please enjoy our Gins…and let your wild side shine.

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