Our Trees

How It’s Done

Juniper berries are collected from individual female trees on private land in West Texas. The berries are produced on a two year cycle and can sometimes stay on the branch for up to 18 months before they are ready to harvest. The harvest from an individual tree is abundant, and we gather enough berries per tree to run entire batches of our gin using the berries from a single tree.

In fact, we are the only liquor company in the world to offer a single sourced botanical spirit! And we’ve grown so fond of our trees that we’ve given them names. Look for the name of the tree that produced the berries in our gin, and start collecting the bottles of your favorite juniper belles. Look on the Left Side of our labels to find the name of the tree whose berries we used to produce that batch on WildJune, WildBark, and Wild LB&J bottles. And check out some of these beauties below!

Red Alice

Shella Bella

Skinny Minny



Lovely Loopy

The Bounty

Thelma & Louise

Fertile Myrtle

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