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Our award-winning gins begin with a premium craft base neutral grain spirit (80% rye, 20% malted barley) and feature unique West Texas junipers in single-tree distillation batches representing the World’s First Single-Origin Gin.

WildJune Western Style Gin

WildJune is for the wild at heart. This premium craft gin boasts 11 botanicals including wild Red Berry Junipers foraged from the West Texas Mountains. With Wild Texas Junipers on the inside and Austin musician Bob Schneider’s artwork on the outside, WildJune is an untamed and adventurous spirit.

Bottle size: 750 ml, Alcohol: 45% /Volume
Botanicals: West Texas Red Berry Juniper (wild foraged), Common Juniper, Coriander, Orange peel, Lemon peel, Hops, Saigon cinnamon, Angelica, Orris root, White pepper, Lemon balm

Tasting Notes: The rugged Red Berry Juniper carefully foraged in West Texas coupled with cinnamon and hops gives this unusual gin its exceptional flavour. Aromas of vanilla, caramel and rye spices follow through onto the palate. Bold, complex yet subtle and seductive. Delicious served straight over ice, yet versatility to animate an array of exceptional cocktails (Wild Watermelon, Tom Collins, French 75, WildHound, Negroni).

WildBark West Texas Dry Gin

WildBark West Texas Dry Gin is a Texan take on the traditional London Dry style gin. WildBark features the wild foraged Alligator juniper berry. Named for its formidable bark, the Alligator juniper delivers a bold wildness not found in any other gin.

Bottle Size: 750 ml, Alcohol: 47% / Volume
Botanicals: West Texas Alligator Juniper (wild foraged), Common Juniper, Coriander seed, Orange Peel, Orris Root.

Tasting Notes: WildBark West Texas Dry gin combines the smoothness of our rye and malted barley spirit base with the uniquely aromatic Alligator juniper. The front palate has a touch of sweetness, followed by a pop of the earthy Alligator junipers in the mid-back of the palate, and finishing with a touch of citrus. This superbly crafted gin makes for the perfect dry martini, wild-barking mule, gibson, gin mojito, or gin and tonic.


Gold Medal 2018, San Francisco World Spirits Competition (WildJune Western Style Gin)

Silver Medal 2020, The Fifty Best, Inc. – Gins – New York (WildBark West Texas Dry Gin)

Guinness World Record (WildJune Western Style Gin) – Largest Alcoholic Mixed Drink


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