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Please enjoy our WildGins Co. WildJune and WildBark in these cocktails. WildBark Barrel Rested Gin will launch in the fall or winter, but there may still be some to be found in the market in its previous iteration, as CheckerBark Barrel Rested.

Here are a few of the exceptional cocktails that we have been working on – 

Wild Switchel #2 with Vitamin C

A healthy-ish cocktail at home, with 18th century Switchel


2 oz Switchel 2 below, with one whole packet orange flavor effervescent vitamin C

2oz WildGins Co. WildJune Gin

Shake these together in an ice filled shaker, strain into chilled wine glass –

Top with 2 oz Orange Unsweetened Sparkling Water

Garnish with mint and lemon wheel, if at hand


Switchel #2

Very popular in the 18th century – Raw, organic, real. Natural electrolytes and pH balancing…


½ gal filtered water, warm enough to release ginger and make sweetener stirrable

¼ cup honey

6 TB apple cider vinegar – raw, organic –

1 whole big lemon sliced into thin wheels / juice

2” Fresh ginger, finely minced / grated

Pinch of mineralized salt – I used pink Himalayan

Pinch of Cayenne Pepper, ground

Wild Quarantini

For the Wild Quarantini, with plenty of vitamin C, blend your Ingredients :

WildBark gin and available citrus juice (orange here) in a ratio anywhere from 5 : 1 to 1 : 1 – For a total of 4 oz –

If you use lemon or lime juice you can use a bit of local honey to sweeten it…

Put that in an ice filled shaker, and chill your waiting martini glass, coupe, coffee mug, what have you –

Shake until shaker is quite frosty, this will give you 15-20% ice. Stir in the effervescent Vitamin C packet, strain into your waiting vessel – with a citrus peel garnish, and even a vitamin c powder rim as an option – 

Top Shelf Wild Quarantini

2 part (3 oz) WildBark Gn
1 part (1 oz) Naranja Orange Liqueur
1 part (1 oz) Orange Juice
2 dashes orange bitters
1 effervescent Vitamin C packet –
Fill shaker with ice, and up Martini or coupe glass with ice and water to chill.
Put WildBark Gin and Naranja Orange Liqeuer and Orange Juice in shaker and give a hard shake until shaker is frosty.
Add 2 dashes orange bitters and effervescent Vitamin C packet to shaker and stir together –
Double strain into emptied glass,
Garnish with orange peel. Eat the rest of the orange.

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