Where to Drink

The Local

2nd Bar & Kitchen

24 Diner

Ani’s Day and Night

Lefty’s Brick Bar

Austin’s Moontower Saloon

Bar AC at the Otis

Black Sheep Lodge

Bobo’s Snack Bar

Bull and Bowl

Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ

DoubleTree Hotel

Estancia Churrasca

Frazier’s Long and Low

Stella Public House

Honey Moon Spirit Lounge


It’s Italian Cucina

L’Oca d’Oro


Lustre Pearl South


Oakmont Food Company

Old Thousand

Old Thousand

Olive & June



Polvo’s Mexican

Polvo’s Mexican

Polvo’s En La Brissa

Satellite Bistro and Bar

Sagebrush Bar

Sour Duck Market

The Beer Plant

The Far Out Lounge

The Headliners Club

The Pitch

The Warehouse Saloon and Billiards

Toomey Taproom




Pinballz Kingdom


Bowen House

Blue Mountain Bar & Grill

American Airlines Flagship Lounge

Pedrotti’s North Wind

Lawless Kitchen

Loch Bar


Rabbit’s Got the Gun

Prohibition 52

Zammitti’s Italian

Cafe J

The Crafthouse Gastropub

La Sirena

Lantern Tavern

Las Brisas

Lubbock Country Club

Overton Hotel & Conference Center

Savage Tavern

The Brewery LBK

The Funky Door Bistro

The Nicolett

Jett’s Grill

The Blue Door

Big D BBQ (Ave. F)

Cork and Pig Tavern

Three Star Bar

Amor Eterno

Augie’s Alamo City BBQ

Bar 1919

Bar Du Mon Ami

Boxcar Bar

Hugman’s Oasis

Jandro’s Garden Patio

Jazz TX


Pacific Moon Bar

Rock and Rye

The Hayden

The Modernist

Tony’s Siesta

The Davenport Lounge

Drink at Fareground

Richter Tavern

Midland Country Club

Ruston Cattle Company

El Raval

The University of Texas Club

The Woodlands Resort

Pinkerton's Barbecue

Texas Tech Club

Eight Row Flint - East End

Locations & Recipes

Please enjoy our WildGins at a number of fine Texas bars and restaurants.

The Local

2nd Bar & Kitchen – East Austin Hotel, 24 Diner, Ani’s Day and Night, Arrive Hotels – Lefty’s Brick Bar, Austin’s Moontower Saloon, Bar AC at the Otis, Baretto Bistro, Black Sheep Lodge, Bobo’s Snack Bar, Bull and Bowl, Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ – Congress Ave, DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton West 15th, Drink at Fareground, El Raval, Estancia Churrascari, Frazier’s Long and Low, Halcyon & Stella Public House, Haymaker, Honey Moon Spirit Lounge, Irene’s, It’s Italian Cucina, L’Oca d’Oro, Lucille, Lustre Pearl South, NightCap, Oakmont Food Company, Old Thousand Burnet Rd, Old Thousand 11th St, Olive & June, Parkside, Plank Austin, Polvo’s Mexican Downtown, Polvo’s Mexican South 1st, Polvo’s En La Brissa – S. Capital of TX Hwy, Satellite Bistro and Bar, Sagebrush Bar, Sour Duck Market, The Beer Plant, The Far Out Lounge, The Headliners Club, The Pitch, The University of Texas Club, The Warehouse Saloon and Billiards, Toomey Taproom, Vespaio

Bee Cave:

Richter Tavern

Meridian, Pinballz Kingdom

Boulevardier, Bowen House

Ruston Cattle Company

Fort Davis:
Blue Mountain Bar & Grill

American Airlines Flagship Lounge

Pedrotti’s North Wind

Eight Row Flint – East End, Lawless Kitchen, Loch Bar, MAD, Rabbit’s Got the Gun

Prohibition 52 Taphouse and Kitchen

Zammitti’s Italian

Cafe J, The Crafthouse Gastropub, La Sirena, Lantern Tavern, Las Brisas, Lubbock Country Club, Overton Hotel & Conference Center, Savage Tavern, Texas Tech Club, The Brewery LBK, The Funky Door Bistro, The Nicolett

Jett’s Grill (at Hotel Paisano)

Midland Country Club, The Blue Door

Big D BBQ (Ave. F)

Cork and Pig Tavern

San Antonio:
3 Star, Amor Eterno, Augie’s Alamo City BBQ, Bar 1919, Bar Du Mon Ami, Boxcar Bar, Hugman’s Oasis, Jandro’s Garden Patio, Jazz TX, Ludivine, Pacific Moon Bar, Pinkerton’s Barbecue, Rock and Rye, The Hayden, The Modernist, Tony’s Siesta

San Marcos:
The Davenport Lounge

The Woodlands Resort

The Local

Angel Tears
Created by Colton Chrane

Ingredients: Lemongrass infused WildJune Western Style Gin, Dry Vermouth, Aloe Liqueur & Lemon Twist

Find it at The Local
Address: 250 Cypress St, Abilene, Texas 79601
Check them out here: thelocalabi.com

24 Diner

The WildJune Gin Sour

Ingredients: WildJune Gin + Campari + Lemon Juice +Simple Syrup + Orange Bitters + Grapefruit Garnish

Find it at 24 Diner
Address: 600 N. Lamar, Austin
Check them out here: 24Diner.com

Ani’s Day & Night

It’s Getting Apricot in Here –

by Rachael Garbowski.

Ingredients: WildJune Gin, Blume Marillen Apricot Eau-de-Vie, Dolin Blanc Vermouth, Naranja Mist, Lemon Twist

Find it at Ani’s Day & Night
Address: 7107 E. Riverside, Austin, Texas, 78741
Check them out here: Ani’s Day & Night

The Otis Hotel Austin, Autograph Collection – Bar AC

El Savaje –

by Jason Arnold

Ingredients: WildJune Gin + Wild LB&J Cocktail Enhancer + Simple Syrup + Lemon Juice + :Lemon Twist

Find it at Bar AC
Address: 1901 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas, 78705
Check them out here: BAR AC

Bobo’s Snack Bar

WildBarking Mule
Ingredients: WildBark Gin + SoCo Ginger Beer + Lime Wheel + Fresh Herb Garnish from the Garden

Find it at Bobo’s Snack Bar
Address: 3850 Airport Blvd., Austin 78722
Check them out here: Bobo’s Snack Bar

DoubleTree Suites W. 15th

Into the Wild

Created by Robert Aurnhammer

Ingredients – butterfly pea flower and mint infused WildBark Gin, lime juice, elderflower tonic, Peach boba, Cucumber juice ice cubes, Pea micro-greens

Find it at 15th Street Lounge

Address: 303 W. 15th St., Austin, TX 78701 

Check them out here: DoubleTree Suites

El Raval

Black Truffle Martini

Ingredients – WildJune Western Style Gin, Fino Sherry & Dolin Blanc Vermouth Truffle Milk Punch

Find it at El Raval

Address: 1500 S Lamar Blvd #150, Austin, TX 78704

Check them out here: El Raval

El Raval


Ingredients – WildJune Western Style Gin, Yuzu, Elderflower Liqueur, Salt, Orange Bitters, Sichuan Bitters

Find it at El Raval

Address: 1500 S Lamar Blvd #150, Austin, TX 78704

Check them out here: El Raval

El Raval

Strawberry Negroni

Ingredients – WildJune Western Style Gin, Campari, Red Vermouth, Strawberry, Champagne Acid, Orange garnish

Find it at El Raval

Address: 1500 S Lamar Blvd #150, Austin, TX 78704

Check them out here: El Raval

Frazier’s Long and Low

WildJune Daisy

Ingredients – WildJune Gin, Hibiscus Syrup, Lemon Juice, Seltzer

Find it at Frazier’s Long and Low

Address: 2538 Elmont Dr., Austin, TX 78741

Check them out here: Frazier’s Long and Low


Watermelon WildBark Gin Mojito

Ingredients – WildBark Gin, Watermelon Juice, Lime Juice, Mint Simple Syrup

Created by Elizabeth, Find it at Haymaker

$2 off Signature Cocktails Mondays

$2 off Texas Liquors Tuesdays

Address: 2310 Manor Rd., Austin, TX 78722

Check them out here: Haymaker

It’s Italian Cucina

Villa de Varda Negroni

Ingredients – WildBark Gin, Campari, Carpano Antica Vermouth, Villa de Varda Chamomile, Fee Brothers’ Rose Water, orange slice garnish

Find it at It’s Italian Cucina

Address: 1500 S Lamar Blvd UNIT 110, Austin, TX 78704

Check them out here: itsitaliancucina.com


Forgive Me Father for I Have Gin-Ned (pictured) –

Created by Tim Cheek

WildBark West Texas Dry Gin + Agua Chile + Ginger + Lime + Chartreuse + Pineapple

Find it at Nightcap

Address: 1401 West Sixth St., Austin

Check them out here: nightcapaustin.com


The West Egg –

Created by Tim Cheek

WildJune Western Style Gin + Lemon + Lavender + Egg White

Find it at Nightcap

Address: 1401 West Sixth St., Austin

Check them out here: nightcapaustin.com

Old Thousand

Wild Yuzu Fizz – WildJune Gin + Yuzu + Honey + Thai Basil

Find it at Old 1000

Address: 4805 Burnet RD, Austin, TX 78757

Check them out here: Old Thousand ATX


Go Home Granny!

From Russell Boxer

Ingredients: WildJune Gin, Granny Smith apple, allspice & egg white.

Find it at Parkside
Address: 301 E 6th St., Austin, TX 78701
Check them out here: parkside-austin.com

The Beer Plant

The Big Bad Coyote

Ingredients: WildBark West Texas Dry Gin, Agave, Fresh Lemon, Apple Juice, & Basil Leaves. 

Find it at The Beer Plant
Address: 3110 Windsor Rd., Austin, TX 78703
Check them out here: The Beer Plant


Dream Tiger
Created by Joshua Clark

Ingredients: WildJune Gin, Campari, Amaro Montenegro

Find it at Vespaio
Address: 1610 S. Congress, Austin
Check them out here: austinvespaio.com

Bowen House

Cynthia’s Kiss
Created by Chelsea

Ingredients – WildJune Western Style Gin, Cap Corse Mattei Liqueur, Génépy Herbal Alpine Liqueur, Fleur Charmante Liqueur, Hibiscus Tincture, Citric Acid, Edible Flower

Find it at Bowen House –

Address: 2614 Boll St., Dallas, TX 75204

Check Them Out Here – Bowen House

The Blue Door

Tumbleweed Tonic

Ingredients – WildJune Western Style Gin, Fever Tree Sparkling Lime & Yuzu Water

Find it at The Blue Door, Midland

Address: 4610 N Garfield St D, #1C, Midland, TX 79705

Check Them Out Here – The Blue Door


French Lady 

Ingredients – WildJune Western Style Gin, Sparkling Wine, Real Hibiscus Leaves, House-Made Hibiscus Syrup, Blood Orange Wheel Garnish.

Find it at Big D BBQ, Midlothian –

Address: 214 W Avenue F, Midlothian, TX 76065

Check Them Out Here – Big D BBQ

Amor Eterno

Address: 540 S Presa St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Augie’s Barbwire BBQ

Address: 3709 N St Mary’s, San Antonio, TX 78212
Check them out here: https://augiesbbq.com/

Bar 1919

Address: 1420 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78204 
Check them out here: bar1919.com

Bar Du Mon Ami

Address: 4901 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209 
Check them out here: https://monsthai.com/

Boxcar Bar

Address: 125 Lamar St Ste 103, San Antonio, TX 78202 
Check them out here: https://boxcar.bar/

Jandro’s Garden Patio

Address: 2623 N St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78212

The Modernist

Address: 516 E Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78215

Tony’s Siesta

Address: 206 Brooklyn Ave, San Antonio, TX 78215

Blue Mountain Bar & Grill

Hollyhock Martini
Created by Audrey Torres
Ingredients: WildJune Gin, Prosecco & Lemon
Find it at Blue Mountain Bar & Grill
Address: 100 North State St., Fort Davis, Texas
Check them out here: bluemountainbarandgrill.com

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