<h1>Meet the Team</h1>

Dr. Molly Cummings, Wild Forager + Co-Owner

<p>Molly Cummings is a Biology Professor at the University of Texas at Austin and one of the sibling co-owners of District Distilling Company. She brings her field and biological expertise to the craft of foraging all of the unique junipers featured in District Distilling Company’s award-winning gins.</p>
<p>On any given weekend during the fall harvest season (August to November), you can find Molly travelling to the West Texas Mountains to collect the junipers in their prime. She then vacuum seals in their natural goodness before sending them off to Matt who transforms these natural gems into exceptional gin. She enjoys the hunt for her favorite trees including the Checkerbark juniper featured in Checkerbark and Barrel Rested Checkerbark and Red Berry Juniper found in WildJune; and is already scouting out new species of junipers to feature in future DDCo gins.</p>
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